A LLP winding up can be initiated voluntarily or by striking off or by a Tribunal. If a LLP is to initiate winding up voluntarily, then the LLP must pass a resolution to wind up the LLP with approval of at least three-fourths of the total number of Partners. If the LLP has lender's, secured or unsecured, then the approval of the lenders would also be required for winding up of the LLP.

To begin the process for winding up of LLP, a resolution for winding up of LLP must be passed and filed with the Registrar within 30 days of passing of the resolution. On the date of passing of resolution of winding up of LLP, the voluntary winding up shall be deemed to commence. Arcedo can help you wind up your LLP quickly and easily.

Easily Close a LLP

An inactive or dormant LLP can be wound up to avoid annual compliance formalities and penalty for non-compliance. Arcedo offers winding up of a limited liability partnership from Rs.15,999/-

  • Avoid Compliance
  • Fast to Close
  • Low Cost
  • Avoid Fines
  • Easy to Close

Avoid Compliance

A LLP is a legal entity and a juristic person requiring regular maintenance of compliance throughout its lifecycle. LLP winding up can be used close a LLP that is not active

Avoid Fines

A LLP that doesn't file its compliance on time incurs fines and penalty, including debarment of the Partners from starting another LLP or Company.

Easy to Close

The formalities for winding up of a dormant LLP are relatively simple and easy to complete. Hence, its best to close an inactive LLP at the earliest.

Low Cost

LLPs can be wound up easily through Arcedo for just Rs.15899. On the other hand, a dormant LLP or non-compliant LLP could potentially acquire more penalty, if compliance is not maintained every year.



Our Basic Package can be used to wind up a LLP having two Partners with no activity since incorporation.




Our Standard Package can be used to wind up a LLP having upto four Partners and having no creditors

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